For investors
29 Apr 2024

Balancing Risk and Opportunity: Introducing Changes in Group B

At Scramble, we're committed to fostering a fair and inclusive investment environment for all of our participants. Therefore, we constantly seek feedback from our community through surveys. The insights gained from these surveys help us shape our platform to better meet the needs of our investors.

Balancing Risk and Opportunity: Introducing Changes in Group B

In light of recent survey results, particularly from Group B respondents, we're implementing changes aimed at increasing participation and mitigating risk. Group B, which is dominated by large investors, tends to fill up quickly after the start of a round, leaving some investors unable to allocate funds. To address this issue, we're introducing a limit per investor in Group B.

Starting from the May 2024 round, there will be a 20% investment cap per investor in Group B. This measure is intended to encourage broader participation in the round while reducing risk and protecting investors from impulsive decisions. Please note that this restriction will not affect investments already made.

It is important to recognize that if an investor takes up a disproportionate amount of space by investing a large amount, the risk to that investor increases. By imposing a limit per investor, we aim to mitigate this risk. In addition, our platform includes first-loss capital guarantees. Investors in Group B contribute 15% of the total funding per batch and are repaid only after investors in Group A, ensuring that investors in Group A are not affected by potential losses of up to 15% of the funds. This mechanism is designed to protect the interests of all investors and maintain the integrity of our investment community.

Survey Insights

The survey of Group B participants provided valuable feedback, giving us a deeper understanding of investor preferences and concerns.

The overwhelming majority of respondents (93.8%) confirmed that they had experienced difficulties due to the rapid filling of Group B, highlighting the urgency for changes to facilitate participation.

Responses to the introduction of a limit per investor within Group B were mixed. The majority of respondents were in favor of introducing restrictions in Group B, but we cannot yet clearly define the limit per investor, nor can we ignore the responses of some investors who were against the restriction. Therefore, we are implementing a compromise solution in the form of a 20% limit.

Moving Ahead with Confidence

It's important to note that these changes only apply to Group B, leaving Group A unrestricted. We believe these adjustments will allow a broader range of investors to engage with our platform.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of our growing community. Together, we can achieve great things!