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27 Mar 2024

Introducing Enhanced Conditions for Group A

We are excited to introduce new terms for the Group A investors! Based on the feedback from our investors, we are seeing that different customers use Scramble for different purposes. Some investors are aiming to maximize their earnings, while others seek flexibility to take capital out as soon as possible. A similar difference happens on the side of brands who borrow funds: some want to minimize their regular monthly payments and repay as much of the loan as possible in the very end, while others want to minimize the effective cost of funds and are happy to make larger repayments each month. We’re introducing changes to the terms for Group A investors to be able to better serve each group of our customers.

Introducing Enhanced Conditions for Group A

What's new for Group A investors?

Group A investors will now be getting their repayments faster, and a larger share of their investment in loans will be repaid during the first 5 months. Group A investors who use Scramble regularly will be getting even higher earnings than they did before! Here's what you need to know:

Target annual return of 12.4%: With Group A, investors can now target an impressive effective annual return of 12.4%. This increased rate is available to Scramble customers who use the platform regularly.

Outstanding balance-based earnings: In the past, Group A investors made 5% earnings for 6 months on the amount they invested and expected to get the bulk of the money back in the final month. We are changing this to the 0.75% to 1% monthly income earned on the amount invested in loans. For instance, if you had €1000 invested in Group A loans in April, you will earn €7.5 or €10 for that month, depending on your usage of the Scramble platform (i.e., if you’re a regular user or not, see more on this below).

Rewards for Regular Investment: For those investors who invest regularly, the rewards are substantial. Group A investors who deposit and invest at least €100 each month earn 1% per month on their amount invested. Group A investors who do not invest regularly will still make 0.75% per month of the amount they invested.

This reward applies for any 6-month period where you added and invested €100 per month. For instance, you’ve invested €1000 as part of the April-2024 round. After that, you’ve regularly deposited and invested at least €100 each month in May - October 2024. This means your €1000 invested in April-2024 qualifies for the increased return of 1% per month on the remaining balance!

The reward is specifically designed for investors who have long-term goals and use Scramble as one of their regular savings and investment tools. It's important to note that consistent monthly investments and reinvestments are key to unlocking this enhanced return. Skipping even a single month can result in missing out on this benefit, emphasizing the significance of systematic investment practices for those seeking long-term wealth accumulation.

Repayment Schedule: Another notable update is the adjustment to the repayment schedule. Group A investors will be getting their money back faster than before, and depending on a particular batch can expect 30-50% of their capital to be repaid within the first 5 months! In the past, up to 80% of the loan was repaid in the 6th month, which meant a longer lock on investors’ funds.

Benefits of the new terms

Higher effective annual rate: The introduction of these new terms results in a remarkable increase to earn up to 12.4% effective annual return, while still enjoying all of the protections and convenience of Group A loans! This means that by remaining committed to monthly investments and reinvestments, investors will benefit from higher returns on their investments compared to previous terms.

Faster repayment of funds: One of the key benefits of the new terms is the accelerated repayment schedule, which allows investors to recoup their initial investment more quickly. Instead of getting almost 80% of the loan in the final month, you will now get up to 50% of the loan back within the first 5 months. This means you have higher flexibility - you can reinvest or take out your funds from the Scramble platform depending on your personal preferences and circumstances.

Reduced risk level: The accelerated repayment schedule also contributes to increased capital safety. The faster you get your money back, the less risk you have - not just the business risk of individual brands you invest in, but also the so-called alternative capital usage risk. For example, there might be an attractive opportunity to invest your capital that becomes available 3 months from now. If your capital is locked in the loans you make today, you can’t invest in that alternative opportunity. But if your capital is already repaid, you’re flexible to take the capital out of the Scramble platform and benefit from that other opportunity.

In conclusion

These enhancements to Group A terms represent our commitment to enabling our investors to grow their capital in the best way for each customer. Regardless if you just want to invest your first €10 on Scramble or you manage a €30’000 capital investment, new Group A terms offer you better flexibility to manage your liquidity and return.

We encourage all of our investors to review these new terms and consider how they can maximize their investment potential within Group A.

Thank you for choosing Scramble as your trusted investment partner!



How do I get a 1% monthly return for Group A?

After participating in a round, investors must deposit and invest at least €100 from their Scramble account over the next 6 months.

How is the return for Group A paid out?

Your loan balance is repaid to you over 6 months, with up to 50% being repaid during the first 5 months (depending on the composition of the batch you invested in). Your monthly earnings are accrued at a rate of 0.75% of the outstanding loan principal each month. The accrued income is paid out at the end of the 6-month period with the final portion of the loan principal. If the investor fulfilled the conditions for the 1% return, then that additional reward is also paid with the final portion of the loan principal.

How do I achieve a 12.4% return in Group A?

To achieve the 12.4% effective annual return, investors need to meet the requirements for the 1% monthly return and regularly reinvest their earnings.