For investors
05 Feb 2024

Scaling Responsibly: Why the Fundraising Goal Isn't Going Up Fast

We're thrilled to share the exciting news that our February round has sparked a surge of investor interest in Scramble – a testament to the enthusiasm surrounding our platform. However, despite the eagerness of our investors, we're taking a measured approach by not rapidly increasing our fundraising goal. And here's the reasoning behind our decision.

Scaling Responsibly: Why the Fundraising Goal Isn't Going Up Fast

At Scramble, we're all about quality over quantity. We're certainly not handing out investors' money to everyone who needs it. Our platform thrives on actively growing our team and improving our brand search and analysis model to meet the growing interest. However, maintaining the high standards of due diligence that define our platform takes time.

Our principles prioritize the careful selection of brands with a proven track record of repayment. We believe that lending to companies with a history of meeting their financial obligations is critical to maintaining the integrity of our platform and ensuring the success of our investors.

As we strive to scale our operations and expand our capabilities, we remain focused on maintaining a level of trust in the brands we support. This approach aligns with our core values and ensures that we uphold the trust our investors have placed in us.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!