For investors
26 Apr 2024

Investors' FAQs: Providing Answers and Insights

Effective April 2024, we have implemented some significant changes to our lending strategies to better serve both our investor community and the businesses we support. These changes have raised several questions from investors, and we're here to provide clarity on the most frequently asked ones.

Investors' FAQs: Providing Answers and Insights

Question 1. Why has the loan repayment schedule changed?

Previously, we operated under a single loan repayment structure. However, to provide more customized solutions for businesses and optimize returns for investors, we now offer two different plans: the Standard and Advanced plans. Let's look at the details of each plan and how they affect repayment schedules.

The Standard Plan is designed to optimize cash flow, making it ideal for early-stage brands with volatile or highly seasonal sales. It features a fixed interest rate of 9% per six months, with a monthly repayment of 2% and an effective annual cost of capital of 20%.

The Advanced Plan, on the other hand, is designed to optimize the cost of capital and is suitable for larger brands with steady, predictable cash flow. It offers a reduced interest rate of 6% per six months, with a higher monthly payment of 8% and an effective annual cost of capital of 16%.

The variation in repayment schedules results from these different plans, each of which is tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses at different stages of development.

Question 2. What do I have to do to earn a 1% return?

To qualify for the 1% return, investors must fund their account with at least €100 between the end of the previous round and the end of the current round. To receive this benefit, you must also invest at least €100 within the current round, typically from the 1st to the 16th of the month. Please note that bank transfers may take 1-3 business days to process.

Question 3. What is the reason for scheduling repayment at the end of the term rather than at the beginning?

Repayment at the end of the term is consistent with our interest calculation model, which accrues interest at a monthly rate of 0.75% - 1% of the loan principal. This ensures that investors receive an accurate return based on the loan balance and interest accrued over the investment period. Any changes to the repayment schedule, such as extensions or postponements by the brands, can affect the yield calculation, hence the decision to finalize repayments at the end of the term.

Question 4. In which group should I invest €100? A or B?

Investors have the flexibility to choose between Group A and Group B based on their preferences regarding the conditions within each group. In addition, it is permissible to invest in both groups simultaneously, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and maximize return opportunities. For example, if an investor invests €40 in Group B and another €60 in Group A, the 1% return requirement will be considered met.

Question 5. Why are there no repayments immediately after the round ends?

According to our updated terms and conditions, the first repayment of the loan principal will be made on the 5th of the month following the investment period. This ensures a streamlined process for managing repayments and is aligned with our commitment to transparency and accountability.

We hope these responses provide clarity and reassurance to our valued investors. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated Support Team. Thank you for your continued trust and partnership!