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27 Jul 2022

Meet startup: Theenk Tea

Meet startup: Theenk Tea is a carefully selected blend of powerful herbs, a 21-day program, designed by our experienced herbalist to help you tackle your daily challenges- one teabag at a time.

Meet startup: Theenk Tea

Meet our new startup - Theenk Tea. It's a multi-award-winning set of herbal tea blends designed to naturally support brain function and mental wellbeing throughout the challenges of everyday life. Theenk Tea was born out of true love for nature and all it has to offer.

Theenk Tea is the first product of its kind on the market. It’s designed to maintain balanced energy levels, improve focus, relieve stress and help achieve a good night’s sleep. It’s also working in the long-term to support memory, concentration and adaptation to stress. 


Founders don't have one story that tells it all. Instead, there were various paths that all led to Theenk:

When Karolina Ba CEO & Founder was 18 she suffered from depression as many young people do. After being prescribed antidepressants and eventually getting better she realized something- whatever happens, she never wanted to take that kind of drugs ever again. She hated the way they made her feel and the long-term side effects were not very nice. It was a long time before creating Theenk however a little seed was planted in her brain at that time. With a curious mind and an interest in natural medicine, she started researching alternative ways of treating depression and anxiety which was the start of the journey. 

«There were many people over the years who told me or made me feel like I'm not good enough. I wanted to create a product that not only helps people take care of their mental wellbeing but which also supports them at reaching their goals respectfully, on their own terms. A product that celebrates who you are instead of trying to change it. Theenk is all about bringing us closer to the nature and discovering our connection with it» - Karolina Ba, CEO & Founder. 

Karolina Ba, CEO & Founder. 

While at university Karolina realized that many of her peers, overwhelmed with the amount of work and stress, tend to help themselves with "smart drugs". Those substances again have a long-list of side effects and can be very harmful in the long term. That again was another path leading to Theenk. The idea itself came to life while scrolling through Instagram and seeing yet another ad of a weight-loss tea, claiming to give founders the beach body in 28 days - no work required. That's when founder thought "enough is enough, this industry needs a change" so the idea of Theenk was born and the rest, as they say, is now history.

All the past experiences both good and bad were used in creating Theenk and making it what it is today. It was a breath of fresh air into the teatox market. Something to take care of our stressed-out minds and not the way we look. A product that makes you feel good about yourself instead of putting you down. 

For whom? 

“We may be a bit biased but we truly think that Theenk Tea is for everyone! Our blends are tailored to the needs of the modern lifestyle to help you stay on top of your game – one cup at a time. So whether you are just not a morning person, have trouble falling asleep or simply need a little pick-me-up to get you through your busy day,Theenk Tea is here for you.” - Theenk Tea team. 


Theenk Tea greatly appreciates everything that Mama Nature gives and that's why they want to give something back! 

“For every pack of Theenk, we will plant a tree in one of the countries most damaged by deforestation such as Nicaragua, Madagascar, India, Uruguay and more. We love our planet, that's why we only use fully biodegradable materials in our packaging. Even our teabags are totally environmentally friendly, so when you're done with them, they will decompose into the soil safely. ” - Theenk tea team.