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Investing round progress

Track the investment progress with real-time updates! In response to high investor demand, we've set a maximum round goal that exceeds the primary target. When the amount raised reaches 100%, participating brands will have the opportunity to fundraise for a more ambitious goal upon Scramble's approval. This will significantly enhance your progress towards greater investment success!

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Start your investing round with brands you love

On the 1st of every month, we bring you a batch of fast-growing consumer goods brands with eye-catching Instagram profiles that make products in categories such as organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, etc. They're all about creating products that people love and making sure they're always in high demand and on-trend. Hurry up and join our current round which is open until the 16th!

Calculate your potential earnings

Plan your investments and estimate potential returns with our investment calculator. Whether you're looking for a long-term investment or simply want to calculate the returns on a single loan, our calculator will help you make informed financial decisions.

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Discover the Scramble Advantage

Scramble fills a unique niche and offers a refreshing alternative to traditional investment options, providing novice investors with an exceptional experience that prioritizes simplicity and transparency.

Scramble vs.
Scramble vs. crowdfunding
The real business sector
We work with the real business sector – high-growth consumer goods brands.
Pre-select a narrow set of brands
We carefully pre-select a narrow set of consumer goods brands by 5 parameters and offer a ready-made solution in the form of a consumer goods brands batch.
Invest our own money
We invest up to 20% of our own money in a consumer goods brands batch every round because we believe in the amazing potential of consumer goods brands we work with.

Getting started: A step-by-step guide

Start your investment journey with our step-by-step guide! Join the platform and navigate the process effortlessly, unlocking opportunities to invest and grow your portfolio.

Create an account
The registration process on the platform is quick and easy
Check our monthly batch of brands
Every month, we present our 'batch' - a group of promising brands, driven by cool ideas and actively seeking growth capital
Decide on the loan group
Review loan groups A and B and allocate your funds according to your risk appetite
Join an investment round
You can start investing with as little as €10
Receive your monthly repayments
You can either withdraw cash or reinvest the returns
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News & investing insights

Welcome to the blog section, where our editors share insightful articles about our brands and their founders, valuable investing tips, and much more. Stay tuned for regular updates as we continue to curate a collection of engaging content that will both inform and inspire you.

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