For the majority of founders, access to startup capital is a constant pain point


your time dealing with fundraising
one way or another

Scramble enables
startups to raise up
to €2M early debt.

No equity. No collateral.
No BS.

BS is a technical term invoked by founders when faced with the dark side of many traditional startup financing providers, including, but not limited to:
excessive communications via email, messengers, video chats, one-on-one interviews, many-on-one interviews, follow-up meetings, company visits, sponsored events, etc.;
unpredictable and unstructured deal closing process, unclear timing and lack of deadline discipline, back-and-forth on specific terms, lack of clarity, reneging on promises, multiple requests for extra information and documentation, etc.;
committee decision-making, bureaucracy, slow documentation turn-around, conditions precedent, conditions subsequent, disbursement tranches with KPIs, ongoing terms re-negotiations, etc.;
hidden founder-unfriendly terms and provisions, excessive fine print, multiple extra charges and commissions, unreasonable insurance and service fees, etc.;
arcane covenants and reporting requirements, highly customized metrics dashboards, etc.;
governance complications, loss of agility, managerial time abuse, endless presentations, low value-add discussions, inability to deal with changing landscape and emergencies, etc.;
disregard for the founding team’s vision, abuse of founders’ commitment to the company, backroom politics, conflicts of interest, self-dealing, accountability avoidance.

Simple process to be funded

  1. Startup credit limit is pre-approved by Scramble based on the estimate of lifetime income of each co- founder

  2. Startups set their fundraising goal and acceptable loan terms

  3. Private investors allocate capital to startups via monthly fundraising rounds


Scramble fits unique niche relative to classic financing providers

Available when business success is still highly uncertain. Convenient and informal process

  • vs. early-stage investors
    • 10x less expensive
    • Not limited to the ‘next google/uber’ technology start-ups
    • Zero involvement in management
  • vs. alternative lenders
    • Financing not capped at 3-5x monthly revenue
    • Safe for the founder in case of startup failure: interest payments and all late fees waived
    • Earliest financing available - can have no revenue or be unprofitable
  • vs. classic banks
    • No credit history checks, no collateral required
    • Business can be just three months old and unprofitable
    • Simple and predictable decision process

Key financing features

  • €10K-2M

    maximum amount
    per startup

  • 6%

    flat fee for each
    6 months

  • On demand

    Get funded when

  • 0%

    No interest rate

  • 0%

    No dilution of ownership

  • 0%

    No hidden charges or fees

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