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06 Mar 2024

From Concerns to Solutions: Insights from Our Recent Investor Survey

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide an exceptional investment experience, we recently conducted a comprehensive survey of our investors, with an impressive 632 individuals participating. The responses were enlightening and provided us with valuable insights into the strengths and areas for improvement within the Scramble platform. Today, we're pleased to share the key findings and outline our commitment to improving your investment journey.

From Concerns to Solutions: Insights from Our Recent Investor Survey

Barriers to Investment

One of the most prominent questions in our survey was to identify the top barriers preventing investors from maximizing their investments on the Scramble platform. The responses were varied and highlighted a number of concerns:

  • Small round limits: A significant portion of our clients (35.9%) expressed frustration with existing round limits, finding them too small to accommodate their full investment capacity.
  • Unavailability of Group B: Nearly half of respondents (48.9%) indicated that the unavailability of Group B immediately after a round opens is a significant obstacle to their investment strategies.
  • Regulatory changes: A smaller but notable group (9.0%) expressed concerns about legal changes on the platform that were not entirely clear, suggesting a need for greater transparency and communication in this area.
  • Overall satisfaction: Encouragingly, a significant proportion (27.8%) expressed satisfaction with all aspects of the platform, demonstrating the positive impact Scramble has had on their investment experience.
  • Other factors: A fraction of respondents (6.0%) cited miscellaneous issues not covered by the pre-defined options, highlighting the need for flexibility in addressing individual concerns.

Round Improvement Suggestions

Asking our investors what improvements they would suggest during a round gave us valuable insight into how to optimize the user experience. The responses were enlightening:

  • Automatic notifications: A large majority (69.1%) supported automatic notifications when round limits are raised, providing a proactive approach to managing investments.
  • Streamlined transactions: A significant number (30.4%) expressed a desire for a faster deposit and withdrawal process, underscoring the importance of efficiency in financial transactions.
  • Customer support response time: A smaller but significant percentage (6.0%) cited the need for faster customer support response times, underscoring the importance of timely assistance.
  • Overall satisfaction: A commendable portion (16.1%) found no room for improvement, confirming their satisfaction with the existing platform features.
  • Other suggestions: Respondents provided valuable open-text responses, such as a suggestion for a pre-registration round and the importance of making withdrawal processes more accessible to investors living in certain regions.

The Pursuit of Excellence

We appreciate the candid feedback from our investors and want to assure you that we are actively working to address the issues identified and implement the improvements suggested. Your insights are invaluable and we are committed to improving the Scramble platform to better meet your needs. Stay tuned for upcoming updates and changes based on your feedback. Together, we will continue to unlock the full potential of your investments on our platform. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey to excellence in the world of finance!