iPhones: Everything you need to know about pricing, where to buy them and more.

iPhones are undoubtedly one of the most popular smart phone lines on the market. They are known for their sleek design, intuitive operating system and cutting-edge features. If you are thinking of buying an iPhone, whether it is the latest model or an older version, this article will be of great help to you. Here you will find detailed information about the prices of Apple iPhones, the different stores where you can buy them and some tips to make the best decision.

Apple iPhone prices


Apple iPhone prices vary depending on the model, storage capacity and the store where you buy it. In general, newer iPhones with more storage capacity will be more expensive. Here is an approximate price range for the most popular models:

  • iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max: These are Apple's newest models and, therefore, the most expensive. They can range in price from $1,000 to $1,600 depending on the storage capacity.
  • iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus: Launching in September 2022, these models range in price from $800 to $1,000 dólars.
  • iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max: If you're looking for a powerful iPhone at a slightly lower price, these late 2021 models can be found in the $700 to $900 dollar range.
  • iPhone SE: If you are looking for a more affordable iPhone, the iPhone SE is the ideal choice. This model usually costs around the $400 and $500 range.

It is important to note that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on the store and current offers.


Dónde comprar un iPhone


There are different options to buy an iPhone. Hereí we mention some of the most common:

  • Apple Stores: Apple stores are the ideal place for those looking for personalized advice and the complete shopping experience with the brand. Thereí s findá s all models available, as wellí as official accessories.
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  • Mobile carrier stores: Mobile carriers often offer iPhones for sale along with cell phone plans. In some cases, you can find attractive offers that include discounts on the price of the phone in exchange for a contract.
  • Big box stores: Big box stores or electronics chains also often sell iPhones. The advantage of these stores is that you can sometimes find more competitive prices than in Apple stores.
  • Online stores: Buying an iPhone online is also a viable option. The official Apple store and other authorized online retailers offer the ability to buy iPhones with the convenience of having them delivered to your home.

An important tip: Before making your purchase, we recommend comparing prices at different stores to make sure you get the best deal.

Advantages of buying a new iPhone


If youáre thinking of buying a new iPhone, youáll enjoy several advantages:

  • &Up-to-date features and technology: New iPhones incorporate the últimas características and tecnologías developed by Apple, which translates into better performance, cámaras more powerful, higher quality screens and other innovative features.
  • Higher storage capacity: New iPhones typically offer larger storage capacities, allowing you to store more photos, videos, apps and games.
  • Manufacturer's warranty: When you buy a new iPhone, you will have the manufacturer's warranty, which will cover you in case of any factory defect for a specified period.
  • Technical Support: Apple offers free technical support to users of new iPhones. This means you will be able to contact them if you have any questions or problems with your device.

Disadvantages of buying a new iPhone


While buying a new iPhone has its advantages, there are also some disadvantages you should be aware of:

  • Higher price: New iPhones are usually more expensive than older models.
  • Less financing options: Financing options tend to be moreás limited for new iPhones.

Advantages of buying a used iPhone


If your budget is tighter, buying a used iPhone can be a good alternative. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Lower price: Used iPhones can be found at significantly lower prices than new ones.
  • Wide variety of models: In the used iPhones market, you can find a wide variety of models, from the most recent to the oldest.
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Disadvantages of buying a used iPhone


While buying a used iPhone has its advantages, there are also some disadvantages you should be aware of:

  • Device condition: When buying a used iPhone, you have no guarantee of the condition of the device. It is important to check it carefully before purchasing to ensure that it is in good working order and has no physical damage.
  • Batteryía: The batteries in iPhones lose capacity over time. The battery in a used iPhone may not last as long as a new iPhone's battery.
  • Software: Ensureúrate that the used iPhone isé updated with the úlatest version of the iOS operating system. Older versions of iOS may have security vulnerabilities and may not be compatible with newer apps.
  • Warranty: Used iPhones generally do not come with a manufacturer's warranty. This means that if the device has any problems, you will have to bear the cost of the repair.



The decision to buy a new or used iPhone depends on your budget and needs. If you are looking for the latest model with the most advanced features, then a new iPhone will be the best choice. If your budget is tighter and you don't mind having an older model, a used iPhone may be a good alternative.

To help you make the best decision, we recommend you take the following factors into account:

  • &?How much are youás willing to spend?
  • ¿You need the úlatest model with the úlatest features?
  • ¿Do you prefer a new device with warrantyíor a used device at a lower price?

Once you have considered these factors, you can compare prices at different stores and choose the option that best suits your needs.