Best Way to Invest Money in the Short Term


Investing money in the short term can be challenging due to market volatility and the need for quick liquidity. In this article, we will explore the best investment options for those seeking returns over a shorter time horizon. We will look at the most effective strategies for investing in the short term and how to choose the best investment according to your financial needs.

Short-Term Investing: What to Consider?

Short-term investing usually involves a time horizon of up to two years. During this period, it is important to prioritize capital preservation and liquidity, i.e. the ability to convert your investments into cash quickly. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best investment for the short term:

  • Security: Short-term investments should be safe to minimize the risk of capital loss.
  • Liquidity: crucial to be able to access your money quickly when needed.
  • Rentability: Even in the short term, seeking returns that exceed inflation is fundamental to protecting purchasing power.

Best Short-Term Investment Options

Selic Treasury

The Selic Treasury is a public bond issued by the Brazilian government and is known for its low volatility and daily liquidity. é ideal for those looking to invest safely and access their money at any time.

CDBs (Certificados de Depósito Bancário)

CDBs are securities issued by banks to raise funds. They offer good returns and are protected by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC) in the event of the bankruptcy of the financial institution.

Fundos DI (DI Referenced Investment Funds)

DI Funds invest mainly in fixed-income securities, such as the Selic Treasury and bank CDBs. They are a practical and diversified option for investors looking for liquidity and security.

LCIs and LCAs (Letras de Crédito Imobiliário e do Agronegócio)

LCIs and LCAs are fixed-income securities exempt from income tax for individuals. They are issued by financial institutions and have varying terms, offering good profitability and security.

Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income Funds invest predominantly in fixed income assets, such as public and private bonds. They are an interesting option for those looking for diversification and professional investment management.

How to Choose the Best Short-Term Investment?

Assess Your Investor Profile

Before deciding where to invest, it is essential to understand your investor profile. Determine your risk tolerance, liquidity needs and short-term financial objectives.

Consider the Investment Timeframe


The term is one of the main criteria when choosing a short-term investment. Make sure that the investment you choose aligns with the period you intend to keep your funds invested.

Compare Returns and Costs

Compare the rates of return offered by different investments and take into account the costs involved, such as management fees and taxes.


Investing money in the short term requires care and planning to guarantee security, liquidity and profitability. The options mentioned, such as Selic Treasuries, CDBs, DI Funds, LCIs and LCAs, and Fixed Income Funds, are some of the best choices for those looking to invest with a focus on a shorter time horizon. By assessing your financial needs, investor profile and investment timeframe, you will be able to make more assertive decisions and successfully achieve your financial goals.