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12 Jan 2024

TOTM: Revolutionizing Period Care with Sustainable Impact

In a world where sustainability and positive social impact are increasingly becoming crucial, TOTM stands out as a trailblazer in the period care industry. This article explores how TOTM is making waves in the market by committing to transparency, sustainability, and fostering a period-positive impact.

TOTM: Revolutionizing Period Care with Sustainable Impact

Tackling Plastic Waste

The conventional period care industry contributes significantly to environmental degradation, with an estimated 200,000 tonnes of waste generated annually in the UK alone. TOTM takes a bold stance against this issue by offering a range of products made from 100% organic cotton and reusable materials, aiming for less waste and a sustainable period care solution. Conventional pads, often comprising up to 90% plastic, pose a severe threat to the environment. TOTM's dedication to sustainability ensures that their products are free from fragrance, dyes, artificial absorbents, chlorine bleach, and PFAs.

The Lowdown on Organic Cotton

TOTM's commitment to sustainability extends to the materials they use. All their tampons, pads, and liners are made with 100% organic cotton sourced responsibly and meeting ethical standards. Organic cotton, chosen for its sustainability and natural properties, ensures a soft, absorbent, and breathable experience, making it an ideal choice for period care.

Made in a Renewable Energy-Powered Facility

Taking their commitment to sustainability further, TOTM manufactures their period care products in the European Union, where the production facility is powered by renewable energy. This ensures that the products and the manufacturing process align with eco-friendly practices.

Removing Ocean Plastic

TOTM goes beyond the product itself by actively participating in initiatives to remove ocean plastic. For every TOTM cardboard applicator tampon sold, they recover the equivalent weight of plastic from the ocean, partnering with Plastic Bank® to make a significant impact. This initiative has successfully recovered the equivalent of 7,914,667 plastic applicators from the ocean, benefiting both the environment and the collector community.

Carbon Neutral and Certified B Corp

Taking responsibility for their carbon footprint, TOTM has partnered with ClimatePartner to offset 100% of their business activity emissions and emissions from their organic cotton range through carbon offset projects. Additionally, TOTM is a Certified B Corp™ with an impressive B Impact Score of 103.7, showcasing the commitment to ethical and environmental values.

Supporting Period Dignity

Recognizing the importance of period dignity, TOTM actively works to improve access to essential period care products through various initiatives.

Gift-a-pad Program

TOTM supports In Kind Direct through their Gift-a-pad program, providing a steady flow of pads to those in need. Customers can choose to gift pads at checkout or donate their orders, with over 75,536 products already donated.

Period Positive Workplace Scheme

Addressing the challenges faced by individuals in the workplace, TOTM's Period Positive Workplace Scheme supplies organic cotton period care products to workplaces and universities across the UK. Over 4500 sites benefit from this scheme, aiming to break taboos and drive positive change.

Menstrual Wellbeing Support

TOTM recognizes the impact of societal shame and silence surrounding periods and actively works to break the silence through community engagement. Their open community provides support, education, and a platform for everyone to join the movement towards menstrual well-being.

TOTM's commitment to transparency, sustainability, and period positivity positions it as a pioneer in the period care industry. By addressing environmental concerns, supporting period dignity, and fostering open conversations, TOTM is not just providing period care products but leading a movement for a more sustainable and inclusive future.