For investors
08 Feb 2024

Unleashing Scramble's Affiliate Rewards

Scramble has pioneered an Affiliate Programme, allowing registered investors to earn substantial rewards. This program introduces a win-win scenario: investors can amplify their financial gains by inviting friends, family, colleagues, or followers to join the Scramble community.

Unleashing Scramble's Affiliate Rewards

How the Scramble Affiliate Programme Works?

Unique Referral Links: Upon registration, each investor receives a unique referral link, creating a personalized avenue to introduce others to the Scramble platform.

Referral Count: New investors, referred through your link, are added to your referral count, marking the beginning of potential rewards.

Unlocking the Programme: The Affiliate Programme reaches its full potential when your referred friends invest a minimum of €10 in a funding round, unlocking a cascade of benefits. Reward Structure: For the first sixty (60) days after registration, receive a 5% reward, up to €450, for every new investor's investment. This reward is credited to your account, reflecting a percentage of your friend's invested amount.

Starting Bonus: Your referred friends aren't left empty-handed – they receive a €5 cash bonus upon signing up using your unique referral link. Participating in the Affiliate Programme Joining the Scramble Affiliate Programme is a straightforward process. As soon as you register as an investor, the program becomes available. Both existing and new investors receive a special referral link unique to them, accessible on the Scramble Affiliate Programme page.

Inviting Friends

1. Visit the Scramble Affiliate Programme Page: Find your unique referral link withing the "Invite Friends" section of your Scramble account.

Share Everywhere: Utilize social media, blogs, or emails to share your link and encourage friends to sign up through it.

Ensure Sign-Up Through Your Link: To receive rewards, it's crucial that your friends create their Scramble account using your unique referral link.

Payment Process

Payment for successful referrals is deposited into your Scramble cash account no later than sixty-one (61) days after your friend registers a Scramble account.

Reward Calculation and Reports

Rewards are calculated based on your friend's first investment of at least €10 within the initial 60 days. Access daily reports to track all the users you've referred.

Unlimited Invitations, Limitless Earningsm

Invite as many friends as you want, with no limitations. Earn a 5% reward on each referred friend's investment, capped at €450 per friend.

Utilizing Your Rewards

Once credited to your Scramble cash account, rewards can be used for free potential investments in upcoming rounds on Scramble or withdrawn to your external bank account.

Tax Responsibility

It's essential to comply with your country's tax regulations. Consult with your accountant to understand how to declare earnings as an individual or a company.

The Scramble Affiliate Programme is not just an avenue for financial growth; it's a community-building opportunity that rewards both you and your friends. Start your journey to enhanced financial prosperity today!