For investors
05 Jun 2024

Survey Insights: Understanding Our Investors' Preferences

At Scramble, we recently conducted a survey of our investors to gain deeper insight into their investment preferences, risk tolerance, and engagement strategies. The results provided valuable information that will help us tailor our offerings and rewards systems to better meet the needs of our community. Here's a summary of what we learned from the 124 respondents.

Survey Insights: Understanding Our Investors' Preferences

Investment Approaches: Balancing Risk and Availability

Investors showed a variety of approaches when choosing between Group A and Group B. Some (21.0%) prefer the higher risk and potential returns of Group B, while a significant portion (38.7%) opt for the more stable and readily available Group A. In addition, many investors (40.3%) like to balance their investments between the two groups, indicating a desire for a diversified portfolio.

Preferred Terms for Group A

When asked about the preferred terms of Group A's returns, opinions were divided. Some investors (44.4%) prefer fixed returns over a fixed period, while others (55.6%) prefer monthly returns based on the remaining balance. This mixed preference suggests that flexibility in terms will be key as we consider modifying the terms in Group A to better meet investor needs.

Loyalty Rewards: Meeting Requirements for Higher Returns

Investors had different preferences to qualify as a "loyal customer" and receive higher returns. Some (28.2%) are comfortable with consistent monthly investments, while others (41.1%) prefer to maintain a certain level of investment over several rounds. A smaller group (16.9%) prefers to maintain a percentage of their peak capital, and a few (12.1%) want to keep their total balance constant over three months. This suggests that offering multiple paths to loyalty rewards could accommodate a broader range of investment habits.

Active Investor Rewards: Adding to Capital Consistently

When it comes to rewarding our most active investors, opinions were again mixed. Many (37.9%) prefer to add new capital regularly, while others (28.2%) are more focused on maintaining higher investment levels across batches. A notable group (18.5%) aims to have a significant total investment across all active lots. These findings highlight the importance of recognizing and rewarding different types of investment behavior.


The insights from our investor survey reveal a wide range of preferences and strategies. By understanding these nuances, Scramble can better tailor its investment options, terms, and reward systems to meet the needs and behaviors of our investors. We are committed to using this feedback to improve our platform and ensure that it remains responsive and beneficial to all of our valued investors. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey!