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16 May 2024

Meet Rough Guides: Tailor-Made Trips for Every Adventurer

In the ever-expanding universe of travel options, finding the perfect trip can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But fear not, because Rough Guides is here to redefine your travel experience. With a heritage dating back to 1982, Rough Guides has evolved into a pioneering global travel brand that offers more than just guidebooks. From tailor-made journeys to insightful destination features, Rough Guides has become synonymous with adventure, authenticity and unparalleled expertise.

Meet Rough Guides: Tailor-Made Trips for Every Adventurer

Tailor-Made Trips: Your Passport to Stress-Free Adventure

Imagine this: you dream of an adventure in a faraway corner of the world, but the logistics of planning it seem daunting. Enter Rough Guides tailor-made journeys - your passport to stress-free adventure. Whether you're looking for a quiet beach getaway, a cultural immersion in a bustling metropolis, or an adrenaline-pumping expedition in the wild, Rough Guides has you covered. Each trip is meticulously organized by a local expert with unparalleled local knowledge, ensuring that every moment of your journey is extraordinary.

With over 60 local travel offices in more than 75 countries, Rough Guides connects travelers with seasoned experts whose passion for travel and intimate knowledge of Costa Rica transform ordinary trips into extraordinary adventures. It's no wonder that Rough Guides boasts a remarkable 93% overall traveler satisfaction rate.

From Guidebooks to Tailor-Made Adventures

Since its inception, Rough Guides has been committed to providing travelers with honest information. With 200 titles covering more than 120 destinations worldwide, Rough Guides has been a trusted companion for adventurers seeking authentic experiences. But Rough Guides isn't just about guidebooks; it's about creating unforgettable journeys tailored to each traveler's unique desires.

The Essence of Tailor-Made Travel

But what exactly is tailor-made travel and why is it gaining popularity among discerning travelers? At its core, tailor-made travel is about customization and personalization. It's about designing a trip that reflects your interests, preferences and travel style. With Rough Guides tailor-made trips, you're not just another tourist following a generic itinerary - you're the architect of your own adventure.

Imagine exploring the vibrant markets of Marrakech with a local guide who shares insider tips and hidden gems. Or embarking on a wildlife safari in the Serengeti with an experienced ranger who knows the land like the back of his hand. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple looking for romance, or a family looking for unforgettable experiences, Rough Guides tailor-made trips have something for every adventurer.

Meet Your Local Travel Specialists

At the heart of Rough Guides' tailor-made journeys are local travel specialists - passionate individuals who live and breathe their destinations. These experts are not just guides; they are storytellers, cultural ambassadors, and keepers of local wisdom. By partnering with over 60 local travel agents around the world, Rough Guides ensures that you're always in good hands, no matter where your travels take you.

The Rough Guides Difference

So what makes Rough Guides different from other travel platforms? It's a combination of factors - from their unwavering commitment to authenticity and expertise to their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. With Rough Guides, you're not just booking a trip; you're embarking on a journey of discovery, guided by passionate locals who are dedicated to making your travel dreams come true.

Ready to Start Your Adventure?

Whether it's a culinary escapade in Italy, a spiritual pilgrimage in India, or a wilderness retreat in Patagonia, Rough Guides is here to turn your travel fantasies into reality. So why wait - your adventure is waiting!